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Mission, Bylaws, & Articles of Agreement


The Bar Association of Metropolitan St. Louis (BAMSL) seeks to maintain the highest professional standards among attorneys to enhance their professional competence, to improve the administration of justice and promote the rule of law, to serve the needs of members, and to provide law-related services and education to the public.

Core Functions

  1. Advocate for issues related to the administration of justice, the St. Louis metropolitan legal community and professionalism.
  2. Provide personal and professional relationship building opportunities that foster social interaction and career development.
  3. Provide continuing legal education and leadership training.
  4. Provide opportunities for community service in a manner that maximizes community impact.
  5. Provide support to members designed to assist them in achieving success in their practice area.

Governance Documents

(Revised 11/14/2018 | Posted 12/7/2018)

 Articles of Agreement
(Revision approved by membership 12/5/2018 | Approved by Cir. Ct. 1/28/2019)

Tenets of Professionalism

 Tenets of Professionalism


21% — 36% of practicing lawyers qualify as problem drinkers. 28% are struggling with some level of depression, 19% with anxiety, and 23% with stress. According to a 2016 ABA & Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation study. Learn more from BAMSL's Well-Being Committee.