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Posted by: Daniel Barnett on Sep 25, 2019

So many of us feel stressed, fatigued, rushed and short on quality time. There are consequences for living in an overstimulated society. Sensory overload can negatively affect our physical and mental well-being.

Posted by: Daniel Barnett on Sep 18, 2019

You don't need special training to have an open, authentic conversation about mental health – and often, just talking about it can be the first important step in understanding where someone is with their mental health, and helping them get support or treatment if needed.

Posted by: Rene Morency on Sep 11, 2019

[CW: Suicide; Depression]
In my third year of law school, our classmate Rob took his own life.

Posted by: Gregory Linhares on Sep 6, 2019

The U.S. District Court has issued a number of local rule changes for public comment.

Posted by: Sara Neill on Sep 5, 2019

I am writing this column from the airplane on the long flight home to St. Louis and am seated with the newly retired Chief Justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court, and a 12-year-old boy who just spent the summer with his uncle fishing in California.

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21% — 36% of practicing lawyers qualify as problem drinkers. 28% are struggling with some level of depression, 19% with anxiety, and 23% with stress. According to a 2016 ABA & Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation study. Learn more from BAMSL's Well-Being Committee.