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Posted by: John Gunn on Aug 26, 2020

For years, I considered reaching out for help when I was in emotional turmoil. I picked up the telephone more than once, with the number to contact the Missouri Lawyers' Assistance Program (MOLAP) staring back at me.

Posted by: David Hoffman on Aug 12, 2020

A highlight of the 2016 ABA CoLAP and Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation attorney well-being research.

Posted by: Amy Johnson on Jul 29, 2020

Books. They have always been a love of mine. I enjoy escaping into a book and learning about a new culture, being engaged in characters and stories, or allowing the words to sink in and create an opportunity for personal or professional growth.

Posted by: David Hoffman on Jul 15, 2020

1. Put your phone away during meals.
2. Develop a regular schedule with your child and partner, M-F — let them know when to expect you to close your computer for the night. Meet that expectation whenever possible.

Posted by: Daniel Barnett on May 27, 2020

Each May is recognized as Mental Health Month, a national movement to raise awareness about mental health.

Posted by: Daniel Barnett on May 13, 2020

Anxiety robs you of the present moment and places you in the future, where you have no control. Anxiety often is in response to some vague distant danger (often imagined). Eventually, with anxiety, your focus becomes more internal than external — you start to check for physical anxiety symptoms — which, of course, leads to more anxiety. In contrast, fear is in response to a concrete external object or situation that is in the range of possibility and the focus is more external – what out there is scaring you.

Posted by: Daniel Barnett on Apr 29, 2020

Are you tired of being compassionate? Do you find yourself doing too much for your clients? Are you spacing out during meetings? Then you might be compassion fatigued.

Posted by: Daniel Barnett on Apr 15, 2020

Struggling with maintaining physical fitness during the COVID-19 pandemic? Have you tried a workout through your favorite streaming service?

Posted by: Daniel Barnett on Apr 1, 2020

Forty-two percent of the survey respondents indicated they felt they needed mental health intervention, but 45% would not seek help, believing it would threaten their ability to be admitted to the bar. At the same time, 63% of respondents reported that the potential threat to bar admissions was a factor discouraging them from seeking services for substance use.

Posted by: Daniel Barnett on Mar 18, 2020

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) has posted encouraging words to help manage the uncertainty and anxiety surrounding COVID-19 (coronavirus). The AFSP reminds us that "we can always choose our response" to stressful situations.

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