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1 in every 6 individuals lives in poverty and struggles with hunger in the greater St. Louis region, including more than 173,000 children.

St. Louis Attorneys Against Hunger, an initiative of The Bar Association of Metropolitan St. Louis with support from the Saint Louis Bar Foundation, unites lawyers and other legal professionals with the St. Louis community to fight against homelessness and hunger in the St. Louis metropolitan area.


Upcoming Events

Topgolf Fundraiser on October 16, 2019.

STL World Food Day on November 1, 2019.


Share the Love Fundraising Campaign

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During this year's Share the Love fundraising campaign to help people who go hungry each day in our community. The campaign, a program of our St. Louis Attorneys Against Hunger initiative, runs October 1—December 31, 2019.

Each day, hundreds of thousands of people in the metropolitan St. Louis region go hungry. According to a report from Feeding America, more than 380,000 individuals are considered food insecure (lacking access to enough food and nutritionally adequate food) in the St. Louis metropolitan region.

Share the Love is one way that BAMSL members can make a difference in our community and help us reduce the number of people who go hungry each day. All proceeds will benefit three hunger-related charities in our region: Meals on Wheels of Greater St. Louis, Operation Food Search, and St. Patrick Center.


Operation Food Search Emergency Hunger Hotline

The Hunger Hotline is an emergency, 24/7 service to provide those in need with referral information for agencies in their neighborhoods. Callers are supplied with agency names and telephone numbers.

Call 314-726-5355 ext. 1


Support our efforts by feeding Penny and Porter

Feed your dollars and change to Penny and Porter, our piggy banks, to help feed the truly hungry in our community; or
Donate Online.

Penny and Porter the St. Louis Attorneys Against Hunger piggy banks


21% — 36% of practicing lawyers qualify as problem drinkers. 28% are struggling with some level of depression, 19% with anxiety, and 23% with stress. According to a 2016 ABA & Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation study. Learn more from BAMSL's Well-Being Committee.