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Member Services and Governance Committees

Member Services and Governance Committees

Member services and association governance committees are where BAMSL members become involved in running the association. These groups provide the opportunity for members to direct the affairs of the local bar. In doing do, members can give back to the bar while influencing the services and programs that BAMSL undertakes, as well as building their networks with others who serve. Update your committee/section membership

Communications Committee see members

The Communications Committee works to inform members about all activities, benefits, and opportunities available to them from BAMSL. It also works to develop and enhance Association communications vehicles and methods that make messages more effective. Doing so will build cohesiveness and camaraderie between members; attract new members; and educate the general public about the rule of law, the administration of justice, and the professionalism of lawyers and their value to the community.

Membership Committee see members

Strategically plans for future growth of membership in BAMSL. Pursues membership initiatives and programs. Pursues and negotiate partnerships with other service organizations and explores means of expanding services that will benefit BAMSL members.


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