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Posted by: Amy Johnson on May 5, 2021

Thank you to those of you who participated in the blood drive yesterday!

5/5 theme: Engage & Grow (intellectual/career well-being) seeking personal satisfaction, continuous learning and growth in our professional and personal lives, and financial stability. Engaging in creative or intellectually challenging activities that foster ongoing development and monitoring cognitive wellness.

Do this: Those in the legal profession tend to love logic, but often overlook the rejuvenating force of creativity. But research shows that everyday creativity can boost  health and happiness. Find a creative activity here that align with who you are and enables you to disconnect from daily stress.

Read this: Nine Steps to Achieving Flow in your Work. Learn 9 ways to tap into engaging your mind while engaging in challenging activities.

Watch this: Fostering Flow is a Key to Growth & Happiness. Learn more about how fostering more flow in daily life is a key to growth and happiness.

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