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Posted by: Susan Sagarra on Jun 5, 2020

Americans are united in their shock and sadness following the tragic death of George Floyd. As a legal organization committed first and foremost to the administration of equal justice, The Bar Association of Metropolitan St. Louis (BAMSL) condemns tactics that violate the constitutional rights of American citizens and acknowledges a nationwide need for dialogue and change around the subject of race and human relations. BAMSL pledges our continued support for the African American and minority communities in the St. Louis region.

Legal professionals are critical thinkers who endeavor to help find solutions and affect change in our society while defending the rule of law for all, not just the select few. Lawyers in the St. Louis region recognize that laws have not always been applied equitably but are working to improve the administration of justice fairly.

Lawyers are in a unique position to use our voices and our problem-solving skills to impact society. That ideal has been central to BAMSL and its members' core values, and we are committed to doing more meaningful listening, learning and advocating for justice and civil rights.

BAMSL will continue to promote the principle of equal justice for all during these critical times. We want to affect change, not only for our attorneys and judicial partners who work each day to help and improve their clients' lives, but also to assist the public in navigating our justice system and restoring, as well as instilling, trust. Let's join together during this time to reflect and take action to do more for our community and those who have been unfairly affected.



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