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Major Areas of Law in Which the LRIS Makes Referrals
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Major Areas of Law in Which

the Lawyer Referral & Information

Service Makes Referrals

Please note this list is not inclusive.


Administrative Law: Includes cases where the client is having problems with a federal or state agency and related issues such as Social Security disability, Immigration, Elder Law, Medicaid, Medicare, ADA, military disability and schools. Also see Immigration Law and School/Educational Law.

Bankruptcy Law
: The rights of creditors and debtors in proceedings under the Bankruptcy Code including Personal Bankruptcy, Chapter 13 reorganization and Business Bankruptcy. Also see Debtor/Creditor Law.

Business Law
: Includes issues involving the formation of business entities and non-profit corporations, contracts, securities, franchises, financial professionals (for the consumer and the professional) and international law.

Civil Rights
: The rights of individuals, businesses and government. Also see Employment/Labor Law.

Consumer Law
: Includes issues involving consumers and/or purchasers of goods and services, contracts for home improvement and vehicle repair, problems with vehicles, consumer credit, consumer finance, banking, and insurance involving homeowner and auto, and medical and dental, and disability/life. Also see Insurance Law and Product Liability. For more information, see

Criminal Law
: The defense of crimes which includes felonies, misdemeanors, traffic/municipal law tickets, DUI/DWI, and inmate rights, juvenile and expungement (removal of criminal charges).

Debtor/Creditor Law
: The rights of creditors and debtors including collection, payment issues and related litigation, garnishment, repossession, credit report issues and mediation/arbitration. Also see Bankruptcy Law.

Employment/Labor Law
: The law relating to employer and employees which includes issues of hiring and termination, wages/benefits, pensions, contracts, and discrimination which may include race, age, national origin/religion, gender/sexual preference/sexual harassment, disability. Is or was the employer a company or part of a government such as city, state or county? Also see Civil Rights. For more information, see and

Family Law
: Involves family relationships such as divorce, child custody, child support, separation, domestic violence/abuse, prenuptial agreements, paternity, name change, emancipation, parental rights, grandparents’ rights, adoption and restraining orders.

Immigration Law
: Includes applications for citizenship, visas and political asylum. Also see Administrative Law. For more information, see

Insurance Law
: Includes issues involving the interpretation and enforcement of insurance policies (coverage) including homeowner, auto and property, and medical, dental and health and disability/life. For more information, see

Intellectual Property Law
: Includes the creation and protection of intellectual property rights including patents, trademarks and copyrights. For more information, see

: Claims for injuries resulting from the negligence of physicians, and dentists, lawyers and other professionals.

Personal Injury
: Claims for injuries and death resulting from slips and falls, vehicle accidents and other accidents.

Product Liability
: Claims resulting from damages and/or injuries resulting from the usage of products and medications.

Real Estate Law
: Involves real property including contracts/deeds, sales/transactions, the rights of landlords and tenants, wrongful eviction, foreclosure, community associations, condominiums, land use/zoning, municipal law, construction/contractors, condemnation, eminent domain, mechanics liens and titles.

School/Educational Law
: Includes issues relating to education from preschool through graduate school, including public and private schools, colleges and universities.

Social Security Law
: For adults and children who are seeking Social Security benefits for a disability. See Administrative Law. For more information see

Tax Law: Includes the personal and corporate tax or the tax obligations of individuals and businesses, audits and tax court litigation.

Wills, Trust, and Probate Law
: Includes the law of wills and trusts, probate and probate litigation, guardianship, power of attorney and estate planning.

Workers Compensation Law
: Includes injuries which occur on the job and resulting damages such as medical expenses and lost wages. For more information, see


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